'Perspective' is a game using keyboard arrows to search a right shape, under various confusing dimensions.

I am interested in playing around with perspective and wanted to create a simple but tricky puzzle game in unity.

The Process:

First, I started modeling a puzzle in Maya. I looked at the object in every different angle in order to make the perfect shape. And then my Maya started to crash very often, so I moved to Cinema 4d and re-started building them. I used primary geometric shapes to create a puzzle because it gives no clue to the player what those geometric shapes will do.

In Unity, I made 8 different scenes, including the opening scene and the ending scene. I made different scenes that do the rotation of the puzzle, fading in and out the scenes and load levels.

The hardest part of my project was a modeling. Even though I precisely make a perfect shape in 3d modeling software, the object scatters very easily in Unity just by the position of the camera and its field of view. so I had to readjust everything manually in Unity again. Another tricky part was finding a right angle of the puzzle. In the beginning, I wrote a code saying if the puzzle's rotation angle is in between certain angles, (-15, 0, and 15) then allow the player to move on to the next level. But sometimes the player keep rotating the puzzle and it goes over 360 degrees, (ex. 540degree or over) and I didn't know how to code. But I figured out by using Mathf.Abs and modulus.


I connected my project with "Ways of Seeing." I wanted to emphasize that everything can look different in different perspective and angles.